Wilson Staff Duo Pro Golf Balls Review

Wilson Staff Duo Pro Golf Balls Review
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Ideal for people who are on the hunt for golf balls designed for professional play, the Wilson Staff Duo Pro Golf Balls is a fantastic option. With plenty of interesting features designed to improve control and trajectory, the balls will surely add to your game. Wilson is also one of the world’s most popular athletic equipment brands, so you can guarantee you’ll be investing in quality balls.

Wilson Staff Duo Pro Golf Balls

There are a few different things that these golf balls are designed to do. Not only are they useful for improving your general game, but they also give you optimal control while you’re playing on the green. Their innovative design gives you higher spin; thus, the balls will travel farther on the ground.

You may also find that the Wilson Staff Duo Pro Golf Balls has a spectacular trajectory compared to other brands on the market. With their enhanced dimple design, the balls are advertised to have a faster and more accurate flight. They are also said to travel farther than other golf balls with their improved aerodynamic traits.

Who Are These Golf Balls Meant For?

On the packaging, you’ll notice that these golf balls are labeled as professional. With that said, any golfer will be able to use them to refine their golf skills.

They are high compression and high-performance balls designed for improved distance and trajectory, so they’re ideal for shots that are further away. In addition, they have the patented “Pro Spin” technology, which helps the ball to roll along with the green faster than other brands.

With that said, they also have a middle range hardness, which means they’re slightly more advanced than the regular balls novice players are used to. If you’re looking for a set of balls to hit at a driving range, these are a great option, especially for beginners. In terms of regular play, they may be easier for experienced players to use to their advantage.

What’s Included?

When you place your order, you will be receiving 12 balls in the package, which is a great deal when compared to other sleeves that may only have six balls at most. Apart from that, you won’t receive any additional accessories or components. It would be convenient to receive a ball cleaner or some tees, though these accessories are easy to find elsewhere.

Overview of Features

The things you'd expect from Wilson Staff Duo Pro Golf Balls include:

  • Ultra-thin cast urethane covering: The outside of the ball is covered with an ultra-thin cast urethane designed to make it more efficient once hit by an iron. According to the manufacturer, these balls achieve six percent more spin than the traditional Duo Urethane covering.
  • Three-piece performance: When compared to other higher-end three-piece balls, these balls perform similarly. You’ll be able to achieve maximum distances without having to invest as much into a set of golf balls.
  • Scuff-resistance: As the cast urethane cover is also quite durable, you’ll be able to prevent any scuffs and scratches from regular play. This helps to keep your balls looking brand new for longer compared to other brands.
  • Ionomer mantle: What makes the Wilson Staff Duo Pro Golf Balls so interesting is that it features an ionomer mantel. This allows the balls to have a middle-range hardness that is soft to the touch but gives you optimal speed and distance, similar to hard golf balls. You’ll love using these for wedge shots and short irons.
  • Low compression core: In addition to the ionomer mantle, the golf balls have a low compression core (61 ratings). This is designed to assist with achieving a fantastic soft feel, which is ideal for beginners. Soft surface balls are easier to hit, and you’ll find adjusting your swing will take far less time for improved accuracy.
  • 362-dimple pattern: Designed to improve the overall trajectory and distance of the ball, the balls have 362 dimples. Though there are some professionals who state the number of dimples won’t have an effect on the playability of the ball.

How to Get the Most Out of It

The Wilson Staff Duo Pro Golf Balls is specifically designed to be easy for anyone to use. With that said, there aren’t any special techniques that you’ll have to use in order to get the most out of it. In fact, the combination of the ionomer mantle layer and cast urethane cover make them relatively easy to hit.

In order to get the longest possible lifespan, it is highly recommended that you keep the balls clean at the end of every game. Although the external cover of the balls is highly durable and resilient, maintaining them will prevent staining and poor performance from minimal traces of dirt and grime.


If you’re looking for a more golf-friendly brand of balls, we highly recommend the TaylorMade Project (S) Golf Balls. It's over $10 less expensive than the Wilson balls and is still available in a 12-pack. In addition, it has a couple of interesting differences, including:

  • Soft ionomer cover: In comparison to having an ionomer core, the TaylorMade Project (S) Golf Balls has an ionomer cover. This helps to make the balls far softer and in turn, will make them more accurate when hit.
  • Patented dimple design: TaylorMade is known for their patented technology, and these balls have an innovative dimple design for a straighter flight when cutting through the air.
  • UV-resistant paint: As an added benefit, each of the TaylorMade Project (S) Golf Balls is covered with a non-fade UV inhibiting paint. This helps the balls to maintain their color and style for much longer.


If you’re looking for a well-rounded sleeve of golf balls that will be ideal for driving ranges or playing on the green, the Wilson Staff Duo Pro Golf Balls is a fantastic pick. Compared to other high-end professional balls, it is priced reasonably and will surely become your most used items.

With their impressive ultra-thin cast urethane cover and ionomer mantle layer, the balls are designed to last through months of regular play. You’ll also appreciate how they feel soft but have a similar performance to professional hard balls, giving you optimal control and trajectory at the same time.

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