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What Golf Ball Should I Use For My Swing Speed?

What Golf Ball Should I Use For My Swing Speed
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You would never walk onto a golf course with the wrong sized shoes, or with a club that’s way too short, so why would you walk on with the wrong type of golf balls?

Too often, golfers – especially beginners – think that any random golf ball will suffice for their game. They don’t take its overall design into consideration and usually purchase based on popular brands, low price or through recommendations from friends.

This is where they could be sabotaging their entire game as there is more to your golf ball than you may think, and that is why we are here to help you.

In this article, we will attempt to answer the question that any golfer should be asking – ‘What golf ball should I use for my swing speed?’

Your swing speed can relate to the ball in so many ways, and that is the basis of understanding which type of ball is right for you.

Know Your Swing Speed

First things first. If you aren’t already aware of your swing speed it’s time to get it measured. You can try and get this done professionally and many golf courses will already have facilities which enable you to measure your individual swing speed.

Slow swing speeds are usually considered to be anything lower than 90mph, while fast swing speeds are anything above 105mph.

Once you know what your exact swing speed is, then this makes it a whole lot easier to find the correct golf balls.

What Golf Ball Should I Use For My Swing Speed 2

What is the Connection Between Ball and Swing Speed?

Different swing speeds will lead to the balls traveling a certain distance as well as at varying speeds.

Slow Swing

If you are a golfer with a slower swing, it may take more putts to eventually get the ball to the hole. This means the ball will travel fewer yards than an average swing, and it might be more difficult to close the space from the tee to the hole. A ball with low levels of compression will work best for those with slow swing speeds as it will travel a farther distance.

Golf balls for slow swing speeds

For those golfers with slow swing speed, we recommend going for golf balls which are of the two-piece variety. Two-piece golf balls have been designed more for fun than competition. These feature large inner cores and have fantastic durability and distance.

These types of golf ball are most suited to golfers with handicaps of 15-36, and a swing speed range between 70-85mph. These golf balls tend to be on the softer side and are therefore not recommended for golfers playing tours as they will require a much harder golf ball.

Examples of popular two-piece golf ball brand include:

  • Callaway
  • Srixon
  • Wilson
  • Nike

For those golfers with a swing speed range of 80-90mph, we recommend three-piece Surlyn golf balls. These varieties are often designed with more engineering technology and higher-quality materials which help to create increased workability off the golf club face as well as game improvement.

These golf balls are most suited to golfers with a handicap of around 8-18. Due to these balls featuring three layers including the strong inner core, outer mantle and cover, this allows for increased feel and control.

Fast Swing

A fast swing, on the other hand, will mean that the ball will likely travel further from the word go. This means golfers with a higher swing speed will be interested in balls that are designed for accuracy rather than distance. If you have a higher compression ball it will make your game easier and lessens the chance of your ball entirely being hit out of the course.

Balls with a higher compression are known not to last as long due to the higher compression levels, and so it might be reasonable to stock up on this style of golf ball if you have a high swing speed. An increased rate of spin in a ball is also preferred for fast swingers as they can focus more on where it will end up.

Golf balls for fast swing speeds

For those golfers with strong swing speed, three-piece Urethane golf balls can be the most suitable. These are very durable in design and feature a solid inner core, thin outer casing as well as a urethane cover. These golf balls are perfect for greenside control, distance, flight consistency, short-iron control and a steep angle of descent.

These types of three-piece golf balls are perfect for golfers with a speed of 90-105mph, and handicaps of 0-10.

Examples of popular three-piece urethane golf balls include:

  • TaylorMade
  • Callaway
  • Vice Golf
  • Titleist
What Golf Ball Should I Use For My Swing Speed 3

Finally, for those golfers with a swing speed of 105mph+, we highly recommend using four-piece golf balls, and in specific the varieties with a urethane cover. This is because these have been specifically designed for golfers with an extremely high swing speed, above tour level standards.

These balls, therefore, feature dual-core, casing and the exact same cover style as the three-piece urethane golf balls. The only difference is that the dimples on a four-piece are minimized, limiting the amount of spin and increasing overall distance.

The four-piece ball will feature a very good flight consistency as well as a steep angle of descent. They are most suited for golfers with a handicap of around 0-5.

Final Word

If you want to improve your golf game it is crucial that you determine your swing speed level. Only then can you start shopping for golf balls which are more suited to your own pace, and this, in turn, will give you much better results when playing golf.

We highly recommend some of the examples shared in this article as they are genuine, high-quality golf balls, which are all guaranteed to fit your swing speed. We hope this article has been helpful and that you will be able to purchase the correct golf balls suited to your swing speed.

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