Vice Golf Tour Golf Balls Review

Vice Golf Tour Golf Balls Review
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Vice Golf Tour Golf Ball: QUICK OVERVIEW

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Value For Money


Customer Feedback

What We Like

  • Thin and resistant
  • DuPont Surlyn cover
  • One dozen balls
  • Extremely durable
  • 392 aerodynamic simple design
  • Stabile ball flight
  • Excellent greenside control
  • Suitable for players of all levels

What We Don't Like

  • These golf balls are pretty hard-shelled

When it comes to golf it is important to purchase the correct gear to play your best. The golf balls you use are crucial to your game being a success or a failure. You may not realize it, but golf balls aren’t all the same, and there are many different types of golf ball out there, each with their own particular design and which can have a different effect on your game.

In this article, we will explore the importance of having the right golf ball, and look at a few different styles to give you additional knowledge on the subject.

We will also take a look at a premium set, the Vice Golf Tour Golf Balls, which are very popular at the moment.

We hope this article will help you to become better equipped with the knowledge you need to find the right golf balls for your game.

How Can You Choose the Best Golf Balls for Your Game?

When it comes to purchasing new golf balls, if you are a beginner it may seem a little overwhelming. You may think all golf balls are the same; however, there are certain styles which offer different play. With thousands of models to select from all featuring various layers, shells and cores it can seem quite tricky at first.

Know Your Driving Distance

One of the best ways to begin looking for new golf balls is to first understand your individual driving distance. The three most common driving distances are split into the following:

180-208 yards

Golfers swinging at this distance are mainly looking to hit straight, clean shots. This means a ball that gives less amount of spin will be better as it will reduce the overall slice and give a bit of distance to the shots. 2-piece balls can be a favorable option here as well as 3-piece golf balls with a soft shell.

2010-235 yards

Hitting at these distances means golfers will benefit from more of an all-around ball. A ball which reaches a good amount of distance but features a gentle feel with extra spin will make it easier to manage on the green. 3-piece balls might be the most suited type for this distance.

235-270+ yards

The final yards are the furthest and therefore the general workability and texture of the ball are most important here to provide the perfect spin on the course. A player shooting at this range requires a ball which is advanced, usually 3-4 piece balls. Players who hit 250+ might look for lower spin style balls.

Dimples are Also a Consideration 

Golf ball dimples are also something to consider when purchasing new golf balls. Usually balls feature around 300 to 600 dimples and these affect the balls flight. Therefore, golf balls with a larger number of dimples will travel closer toward the ground whereas balls with fewer dimples tend to fly higher in the air. Therefore, depending on the way you swing, you should consider which number of dimples would suit your game.

Now we will take a look at a premium golf ball set, the Vice Golf Tour Golf Balls.

Vice Golf Tour
Golf Ball Review

Are you on the lookout for a good set of golf balls to improve your golfing game? Then look no further as we have sourced the perfect set for you. The Vice golf tour golf balls are a very popular option on the market, and guaranteed to last a while.


Vice Golf are experts in selling premium golf balls. They make quality designed balls and sell them at an affordable price. Therefore, when purchasing from this brand you can be assured a quality product. These golf balls offer a few nice features.

Thin resistant Dupont Surlyn cover 

These golf balls feature a strong outer layer. This layer is a hardened plastic made of DuPont Surlyn. This is a group of advanced ethylene copolymers that provide excellent resistance and extreme resilience in the golf ball. Although the cover is hard it results in a gentle, soft feel.

Perfect support and control

Are you looking for perfect alignment when you putt? Then these golf balls are a perfect solution for you. Thanks to the introduction of a unique putt line on the side of the golf ball, this will help you meet your putting and alignment needs. This was developed to be extra-long and highly visible, making it easier to putt.

Strong core

As this golf ball features 2 strong yet thin outer layers, it allows more space for the core. This is where the energy comes from in a golf ball. The core of the Vice Golf Tour Golf Balls is a size-optimized Energy Speed Core, which ensures a much higher ball speed with a lower spin, giving extra distance off the tee.

Increased dimples

The number of dimples in the Vice Tour balls have been increased, which leads to better aerodynamics, and keeps the ball smooth and stable during flight. This also provides optimized resistance to crosswinds.

Final Say

Golf balls are crucial to your game, and purchasing the correct type can really improve your entire game overall. We have briefly examined the importance of how knowing your driving distance can help you make a more suited purchase, as well as how golf ball dimples are also a factor to consider.

We highly recommend the Vice Golf Tour Golf Balls as they are of premium quality, and certainly durable.

We hope that this article has given you a bit more information on golf balls and what to look out for when you buy them. Hopefully, you will be more knowledgeable next time you hit the course.

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