TaylorMade Project S Golf Balls Review

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All golf balls are most definitely not created equal as you may have found out to your detriment starting out as an amateur and picking up totally inappropriate balls to support your beginner’s status. Believe it or not, a considerable amount of research and development is continually going into those little white spheres. Golf balls matter, a lot, and can be every bit as important as understanding your swing and your game style.

The balls you choose to play with really can make a difference. Of course, the big companies realize that which is why they put so much time, money and research into creating balls designed to support and enhance your game. As an amateur, you’re likely to need more help with distance and require less spin so pinpointing the best golf ball for your individual gameplay is more important than you may have first considered.

Certainly, TaylorMade appreciates that, and that’s why their all-new Project S golf balls have been developed, with a softer feel, specifically geared towards those of you who are still relatively new to the precision sport. Those of you who need a set of golf balls that combine performance with that soft feel and the ability to travel a good distance, while that driving power might not entirely be on par, so to speak!

We’ll go on below to look at the features of the TaylorMade Project S golf balls in more detail and explain what it is about them that makes them such a great choice. However, in essence, it’s all down to that high lift dimple pattern design, which, when combined with the balls lower backswing construction, reduces drag in flight which means that the ball travels further – perfect when you’re starting out. So let’s get into the swing of things and see what else is excellent about these TaylorMade golf balls.

TaylorMade Project S Golf Balls

One of the constant trade-offs golf ball engineers face is the balance between lower compression and a softer feel, versus maintaining an impressive in flight distance. It’s this element that TaylorMade have successfully nailed and it’s why their latest Project S golf balls are such a smart choice. The result of that most recent technology is a ball that feels good and travels further. With this ball, you get the best of both worlds which up until now has been a rarity.

While golf balls are traditionally gloss white, TaylorMade has also added matte yellow and matte orange finishes to these new Project S balls which uniquely help them to stand out and be more visible on the fairways and greens but also importantly provides them with a UV and weather resistant coating so that they will last for longer too.

The TaylorMade balls feature a Dual-Distance Core which decreases that overall compression while still retaining an element of rebound and speed. The high lift 342LDP dimple pattern, combined with the carefully constructed backspin design really sets this ball apart from the competition, and overall, the Project S really is a solidly performing and amateur-friendly ball that will help build that early game confidence while as a player you’re still working on that driver performance.

These balls are ideally designed for recreational golfers with mid to high handicaps and with swing speeds of below 90 MPH and are of a premium design and quality.


  • Dual Distance core
  • Soft feel while retaining rebound and speed
  • Two-layer system
  • Low compression inner core
  • Outer core resilient polymer for high ball velocity
  • Soft feel
  • White plus orange and yellow matte UV resistant options available


The matte color makes it hard to locate the balls when lost in the rough

Who are these TaylorMade Project S Golf Balls for?

If you are new to golfing or still getting to grips with your swing speed and distance, then these Project S balls from TaylorMade are a great option that will support you in achieving distance when you are still working on that power. They’re reasonably budget-friendly too, so they score highly both for usability, visibility, and affordability. Those of you with higher handicaps and budget restraints will certainly appreciate this latest golf ball from TaylorMade.

What’s included with your purchase?

Included with this particular configuration you receive one dozen dual-distance double layer core golf balls in your choice of either white, orange or yellow.


If you are specifically looking for super-soft an also budget-friendly balls to get your game going, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are also an excellent choice for those of you still working to improve your handicap and driving distances.

The premium HEX aerodynamic surface of these balls enables them to be hit in a longer, straighter line and with their ultra-low compression cores, the achieve superior speed and distance in flight.

Final Verdict on the TaylorMade Project S Golf Balls

For the casual, recreational or higher handicap golfers among you who want to enjoy your game and not get too stressed out about how far you can drive your balls, then these TaylorMade Project S Gold Balls are a great option. You could say that they do plenty of the hard work for you, meaning that you can get on with the important things, like enjoying your game and having fun out on the fairways.

They’re also a cost-effective option so even if you do still lose the occasional ball in the rough, you don’t need to be overly concerned that you’re just throwing away your money. TaylorMade really has put the full weight of their R&D department behind this latest ball to come up with something that’s definitely amateur-friendly.


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