OnCore ELIXR Golf Balls Review

OnCore ELIXR Golf Balls Review
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What We Like

  • Solid ground control
  • Great distance potential
  • Extra peak height
  • Very soft feel

What We Don't Like

  • The balls require an above-average skill level
  • Not suitable for slow swing speeds

If having a solid ground game and plenty of distance off the drive is of utmost importance to you, you may have a hard time finding the optimum golfing equipment. A lot of golfers focus too much on finding the perfect golf clubs and fail to consider another equally important aspect.

The golf ball of choice is just as important. Depending on the construction, the materials, and the overall engineering, a golf ball can make you the star of the course or a humdrum player. Sure, skill is important, as is everything else, but some golf balls are designed to do more than just one thing and you should never dismiss their importance.

Balancing out ground control with a high launch angle and maximum velocity is not something that a lot of manufacturers have achieved. Luckily, the brand reviewed in this article has no such problem.

OnCore ELIXR Golf Balls Review

OnCore have made a name for themself by constantly innovating its golf ball designs and also trying to develop new ways to top distance records without compromising any aspect of the short ground game. Whether it’s the hollow titanium core or the proprietary cover, OnCore always comes out with something fresh, and the ELIXIR golf balls are nothing like everything else you may find.

Who is this product for?

The ELIXIR golf balls are generally advertised as distance golf balls. They help players achieve higher initial velocity and high launch angle. However, they’re also a good choice for golfers that want the best of both worlds: distance and good spin control on the green.

Although the initial launch angle is higher, the ELIXIR is not the best choice if you often find yourself in the rough. These balls not as reliable as they look on paper.

Another advantage that these golf balls offer is rather consistent energy transfer in both cold and warm weather. If you like playing anytime, anywhere, these might be the most suitable golf balls for the task.

What’s included?

Included in a box of OnCore ELIXIR are 12 golf balls in white.

Overview of features

The low driver spin promotes a higher launch angle than most tour-quality balls on the market today. Because the titanium core also allows for higher initial ball velocity, the potential for reaching your personal record-breaking distances off the drive is high.

The accuracy is also surprisingly on point. OnCore uses something called perimeter weighting to optimize the accuracy without messing with the distance.

Compared to the most popular tour-quality golf balls, the ELIXIR features only a 10% spin gap. However, under realistic conditions (not indoor testing labs), the ELIXIR seems to be on par even with the best. Sure, it’s a matter of personal preference over the feel but the real-world results prove that OnCore’s predilection for embracing new technologies is on point.

The core gives the ball a nice 85 compression rating which skilled players should really appreciate. The cast cover is polyurethane but feels quite soft off the tee and it’s surprisingly durable too. This is much appreciated especially considering that the ELIXIR is not among the cheapest golf balls for distance.

Besides the trampoline effect that helps increase the initial ball velocity, the cover also gives golfers more control on chips. Using the driver and the scoring clubs to their maximum potential is not always easy, and somehow the ELIXIR balls manage to make that happen for players of different skill levels.

One thing that the ELIXIR lacks is color variety. The golf balls are as standard as they come in terms of color, which may not work to the advantage of visually challenged golfers. If tracking is not your main issue, this shouldn’t affect your purchasing decision.

How to use

The ELIXIR golf balls shine if you have an above average swing speed. As long as your speed with the driver is over 90 mph, you should have no problem getting straight long-distance shots. The one area where you might need some extra skill and accuracy is if you find yourself in the rough. The necessary high launch angle is hard to achieve with these balls unless you make clean contact on the sweet spot.


On paper, the OnCore ELIXIR golf balls look more than impressive. However, if you’re really about getting the best balance between distance and ground control, you may need to take a closer look to the Titleist Pro V1.

These golf balls are a bit more expensive but they also have the highest usage rate in tournament play. The only downside is that the Pro V1 is less forgiving to medium handicap players, so you need to be sure that you have the technique and skill to handle the ball in any situation, otherwise, the Elixr balls may be better.


The OnCore ELIXIR is often regarded as a wonder of modern golf ball engineering. It is one of the very few on the market that can elevate the level of play of both amateur and professional golfers.

The energy transfer is optimized for both cold and warm weather, and the initial velocity is one of the highest. The ELIXIR balls also manage to consistently top the peak height of more expensive tour-quality balls by about 4 feet, which makes them a very interesting alternative to the usual suspects.

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