How to Remove Soft Spikes from Golf Shoes

How to Remove Soft Spikes from Golf Shoes
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Anyone who plays golf with any degree of regularity needs to remove and change their spikes a few times per year. Not all of the spikes on your shoes will wear down simultaneously, but when a few spikes have lost their effectiveness, the traction that your shoes provide can affect your swing.

Using a cleat wrench makes it very simple to remove your spikes from your golf shoes. But if you have lost the wrench or do not have one, there is still a way to easily remove the used spikes from the soles of your golf shoes.

Fresh spikes on your gold shoes will not only make your shoes more comfortable to wear, but they will give you support and stability on most terrain. While golf clubs have been subject to major technological advances over the past 20 years, so have golf shoes.

As your spikes wear down throughout the season, you will need to replace them regularly. Unfortunately, the soft spikes can get stuck in the shoe’s spike receptacle sometimes, which requires that you remove them carefully. Read on if you would like to find out how to remove soft spikes from golf shoes – stuck or not.

Why Should You Wear Spiked Shoes

How to Remove Soft Spikes from Golf Shoes

  • Put a dry towel onto a work surface
  • Place your golf shoe on the towel with the spikes facing up
  • Spray some penetrating oil (available at golf shops) onto the spikes (or the stuck spike) as well as the spike receptacle
  • Rub your spikes with the brush on your golf shoe cleaning tool – you can also use a stiff-bristled brush or a wire brush. This will remove dirt and mud that has caked onto your shoe
  • If you have very hard mud on your shoes, use a wet sponge to soften it first
  • Using needle-nosed (or larger) pliers, grip the spike you want to remove. Lay the pliers across the soft spikes so that you are gripping 2 of the spikes
  • Twist the plier in a counterclockwise direction to unscrew your spike from the golf shoe. If your pliers lose grip, simply grab the spike and start again
  • Repeat steps 6 and 7 until all of the spikes needing replacement have been removed

Why Should You Wear Spiked Shoes?

Spikes provide you with more stability than golf shoes without spikes. This is especially true if you are playing in wet, soggy conditions or on a golf course with a lot of hills.

While today’s spikeless golf shoes are far more advanced than those used in the past, the amount of traction, stability, and support offered by spiked golf shoes cannot be matched by spikeless shoes, no matter how advanced they become.

Spiked golf shoes offer more reliable traction, allowing you to have sure footing throughout your game, no matter whether you are in soft, wet conditions or dry, hard conditions.

Taking Care of Your Soft Spike Golf Shoes

Taking Care of Your Soft Spike Golf Shoes

Here is a quick guide for caring for your soft spike golf shoes.

  • Change your spikes every 10 to 15 rounds, or whenever they start showing signs of wear, or when they do not offer as much traction as before, causing you to slip when walking or swinging
  • Always keep replacement spikes in your golf kit, even when you have just replaced the worn ones. Many manufacturers run out of spikes for their shoes, and the last thing you want is to not be able to find the spikes you need when they have lost their grip
  • Keep at least 2 pairs of golf shoes in your shoe rotation and do not wear one pair twice in a row for consecutive rounds. This will allow your feet to always feel comfortable while adding to the lifespan of your shoes
  • Do not wear your shoes for anything other than playing golf. Only put them on once you are at the course and remove them after your round before you get in your vehicle. Do not wear them to the grocery store, while driving, or anything away from the course. This will wear your spikes down much faster.

Final Thoughts

Removing the soft spikes from your golf shoes is not a very difficult or time consuming task if you have the right tools and method for doing so. By following the above method and considering the steps in the guide, you can easily remove your soft spikes, but you can also extend their lifespan.

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