How Should Golf Shoes Fit?

How Should Golf Shoes Fit
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When it comes to golf shoes, you can purchase the lightest, best looking, most advanced shoes on the market, but if they do not fit correctly, you will have wasted your money and time. And, even if you plan to use a golf cart, you still need to do some walking when playing a round of golf.

Plus, you need to have properly fitting shoes to ensure you have the proper balance and support when swinging your club.

The average 18-hole round of golf will see you walking at least 6 or 7 miles, which means you definitely do not want badly fitted golf shoes. In fact, studies have shown that you can increase your performance by up to 21% by wearing properly fitted golf shoes.

Shockingly, around 70% of golfers wear the wrong size or fit of golf shoe. Read on if you would like to find out how your golf shoes should fit.

What to Look for When Trying on Golf Shoes

When your golf shoes fit correctly, the following should be evident.


The space between the eyelets at the top of your shoes should be around 5/8 inches or the width of your thumb. The height of your foot’s arch may change this slightly, but this is a general rule.

If there is more than this amount of space, the golf shoe is too narrow for your foot. If there is less than this amount off space, the golf shoe is too wide for your foot.

What to Look for When Trying on Golf Shoes

Toe of the shoe

When properly fitted, there should be a ½ inch space between your longest toe and the front of the golf shoe. If you are unable to wiggle your toes, then the shoe is too tight.

Front of the shoe

The part of the shoe between the laces and the toe should not be rippled or bunched up when the shoe is tied, and the laces should be smooth. If the shoe ripples or bunches, it means that the shoe is too big for your foot.

Flexing point

When you flex your foot, the bend in the shoe should be in the same position as the flex in your foot.

No slipping

Once you have tied the laces, walk around with the shoes. Check for slipping or sliding. The shoe should be snug without being too tight and you should not slip or slide.

This will cause blisters and will not give you the stability you need when swinging a golf club. Have a test swing to check that your foot does not move in the shoe.

So, what should you look for?

  • Flexible, soft leather
  • Soles which bend where your foot flexes
  • Thick, soft, cushioned insole that reduces the shock of walking
  • Padded tongue that prevents tendon irritation
  • Wide, large toe box that allows you to wiggle your toes
The Construction of Golf Shoes

The Construction of Golf Shoes

While it is very important to ensure that your golf shoes fit properly, the materials that the shoe is made from will affect the comfort and support of the shoe.

Natural materials allow your skin to breathe, so choosing a material like leather is a good choice if your feet are prone to perspiring when you play. The moisture will escape through the leather’s pores, keeping your feet dry.

It is important that you check the shoe’s insole to make sure that your foot will have the appropriate amount of cushioning to support your feet against the jolts and shocks of walking. Your feet are your body’s foundation.

When wearing shoes that properly fit, you can be sure that your feet are protected from potential issues later down the road.

If you are having difficulty finding shoes that properly fit your feet, or if you suffer from foot or leg pain, consult your physician to determine what the problem is and where you can purchase the correct shoe for your foot size and shape. The last thing you want to do is cause more damage to your feet and legs.

Final Thoughts

While finding the right golf shoes that fit your feet properly may seem like a massive task, the end result is that you can play a comfortable, supported round of golf where your swing is properly balanced. Wearing the wrong size of shoe can result in blisters and discomfort.

Plus, if the shoes are too loose, you will not be balanced and supported when swinging. The properly fitting shoe will not only improve your game but also your experience of the game.

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