How Important are Golf Shoes?

How Important are Golf Shoes
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Other than the fact that a golfer needs to look like a golfer to be one, wearing golf shoes provides a variety of other benefits. Unlike Happy Gilmore, you probably will not be running up to the golf ball in order to hit it.

So, you will need to pair of good golf shoes to help you keep your balance and support your posture when you are playing this age-old game.

Understanding the Spikes on Golf Shoes 

The spikes found on the soles of golf shoes serve a similar function to the tires on a vehicle. If you have ever driven on worn-out tires, you will know how hard it can be to get traction on a wet road or to turn around a corner.

Wearing normal sneaker will not give you the ability to stay firmly grounded when you are swinging your golf club. The spikes on your golf shoes allow you to swing with minimal movement to provide you with a solid swing without any wobble.

The pattern of the spikes is also very important and is based on how you walk and your weight. You want golf shoes that give you a lot of sticking power on the green.

A good way to determine the right spikes for your gait and weight is to buy your shoes at a pro golf shop. There are specialists in these stores that can easily figure out your weight distribution and find the right shoes for your body.

Reduces Stress on Your Joints

Reduces Stress on Your Joints 

Another reason that golf shoes are important is that your golf swing places a massive amount of stress on your ankles and knees. If you have a hard or fast swing, you need to protect these important joints to prevent the common golf strains and injuries as much as you can.

Without having the right amount of grip, you can just about swing yourself out of your shoes. The amount of stress exerted on your joints is even more problematic in normal shoes as your joints will slide, which can deteriorate the cartilage. This may result in injury and later on lead to you needing surgery.

Progression of Golf Shoes

Final Thoughts

Golf shoes are very important and a necessity for any golfer who wants to play a great round of golf. Without spiked shoes, there is no way to hit the ball squarely and consistently.

Golf shoes also ensure that you do not slip, skid, or slide when you are playing. This can place unnecessary amounts of strain and stress on your joints. Having the right golf shoes will improve your game while also protecting your body.

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