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Golf Shoe Styles: Traditional Golf Shoes vs. Athletic Golf Shoes

Golf Shoe Styles: Traditional Golf Shoes vs. Athletic Golf Shoes
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When it comes to golf, there are two popular styles of shoes which are generally worn. These are traditional golf shoes, such as those made of leather and which feature lace up designs. The other popular type of shoe are more athletic style ones, for example trainer styles which offer more of a sporty look overall.

Both styles of golf shoes carry with them certain advantages, and so in this article we will explore both options, and hopefully give you a better idea of which pair are most suited to you.

Traditional Golf Shoes

Traditional golf shoes are classic shoes which you see more advanced and professional golfers wearing. These were the first style of shoes to come on the golfing scene, and have been popular for many years. Traditional golf shoes usually feature a smart design and look almost as if they could be worn to the office.

Traditional golf shoes are stylish, are often designed in fine leather, and come in a range of different colors.

All golf shoes, no matter whether traditional or athletic, will have a special design which makes them a lot more compatible with the golfing green underneath players’ feet. These shoes usually feature spikes on the soles that better grasp the ground, making players have a lot more stability in their swing.

Benefits of Traditional Golf Shoes

Smart Look – The benefits of wearing this style of shoes is their classic look. Wearing these shoes, you will definitely look the part, and fit in with the whole ‘golfing etiquette’. This may make you feel more confident on the golfing green and allow you to play a little better.

Stylish – Not only do these shoes offer a classic look, but they are also stylish. No matter when you wear them, you will always be on trend as they will likely keep their timeless look.

Durable – Unlike athletic shoes, the more hard designed traditional shoes are certainly a lot more tougher in the durability department. The hard patent leather makes for a strong shoe surface, meaning water can just wash off the surface without any worries.

Long lasting – As these shoes are designed with stronger leather, they are more likely to last longer than the more softer, synthetic athletic style shoes.

Examples of Traditional Golf Shoes

Below we take a look at a few examples of popular traditional golf shoes.

Ecco Men’s Golf Shoes

The traditional golf shoes by Ecco are a typical pair which are popular on the market. They feature the classic look and are popular with many!

Stuburt Men’s Golf Shoes

The premium leather shoes by Stuburt are another classic look which many golfers enjoy. These are waterproof and certainly stylish!

Ecco Women’s Classic Golf Hybrid Shoes

These Women’s classic Hybrid shoes are another example of a more traditional style of golf shoe and are perfect for all your golfing needs. They offer outstanding underfoot traction and keep feet locked to the ground.

Athletic Golf Shoes

At the opposite end of the traditional shoe is the athletic design. As the name suggests, this shoe style takes on more of a sporty appearance, and is more of a trainer than a simple shoe. Athletic golf shoes have grown to be more popular in recent times, especially with new and younger golfers who prefer to look trendier and more down with the times.

Benefits of Athletic Golf Shoes

Comfort – The benefit of wearing this style of shoes is the level of comfort they offer. If you like to be comfortable over smart, then athletic shoes are the best type of shoe for you. Many athletic shoes make you feel like you are walking on air thanks to their soft cushioning and lightweight materials.

Lightweight – Most athletic shoes are designed with lightweight materials, such as rubber and synthetics, which make the user feel like they aren’t constricted. This can sometimes make the game a lot smoother as you feel like you are walking on carpet rather than grass!

Sporty – With an athletic shoe you will no doubt look more sport-like. This is good if you like the whole sport look and don’t want to look too pretentious when out on the green and prefer a more casual look.

Easy to Walk in – Some people prefer athletic shoes as they are easier to walk in, and make the game of golf more relaxed rather than efficious.

Examples of Athletic Golf Shoes

Below we take a look at a few examples of popular athletic golf shoes currently on the market.

Adidas Men’s Golf Shoes

The sporty looking golf trainers by Adidas are a classic example of the more popular athletic style of golf shoe. These are ultra flexible and versatile featuring a strong solid sole for more stability on the green.

Under Armour Men’s Golf Shoes

The soft athletic shoes by Under Armour are perfect for any golfing green. Their sleek and synthetic design make them a great option for many different players, beginner or professional. The grips on the bottom soles give them a great amount of traction.

NIKE Men’s Air Zoom Accurate Golf shoes

The Zoom Air golf shoes by Nike are another classis athletic style of shoe, which are designed with comfort in mind. These offer a sporty design, and are made of synthetic leather and are also 100% waterproof!


Whether you choose to purchase either a traditional or athletic pair of shoes is completely up to you and your personal taste. Both shoe designs are guaranteed to provide you a better game in comparison to a standard pair of non-golf shoes as they offer a much more stable design with extra spikes on the soles.

So there you have it. A complete look at two different types of golf shoes. We hope that this article has given you a bit more inspiration on what to look for when it comes to your next pair of golf shoes.

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