FootJoy Men’s Pro SL Trainers

FootJoy Men’s Pro Trainers
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FootJoy Men’s Pro SL Trainers: QUICK OVERVIEW


Value For Money


Customer Feedback

What I/We Like

  • Made of real leather
  • Strong grip
  • Added support
  • 100% waterproof
  • FTF cushioning
  • Thick insoles
  • Durable and comfortable

What I/We Like

  • FootJoy shoes can sometimes be a little tight, so might be better to order a size up

If you enjoy a good game of golf, then you will realize just how important having the right pair of shoes are. The golfing lawn can sometimes be difficult to play on when wearing weak shoes and can interfere with your swing. So if you want to get the best shot possible, you will need a pair of trainers that can help you score well.

Looking for a new pair of shoes for your next game? Then we have got you covered!

In this article, we will share the benefits of wearing golf shoes when golfing, and then include a complete product review on one fantastic pair of golf shoes by FootJoy. Hopefully this article will give you some inspiration for your next pair, or even first pair of golf shoes!

What are the Benefits of Wearing Golf Shoes?

Despite them being readily available, many golfers do not think purchasing golf shoes will really affect their game at all. The more advanced and famously known players, however, all know of the great benefits golf shoes can bring, and so that’s why they wear them. If you are unsure of the benefits wearing a pair of golf shoes can bring, then to help you out, we have listed a few of them below.

Stabilize Feet During Swing

The swing is one of the crucial parts of playing golf. If you are not in the right stance, your swing will be affected. However, did you know that your shoes also play a part in the swing? If you are wearing a standard pair of shoes, they may not be designed to grip the grass as much as a pair of golf shoes would be.

When wearing golf shoes, they are specially designed to give a better grip into the grass, and therefore keep your feet steady while you swing. This prevents your feet from moving, and gives an overall better swing!

Prevent Slipping

Not only do golf shoes stabilize your feet, but they also prevent you from slipping. If the lawn is a little damp from previous rainfall, then you will not want to risk the chance of slipping and hurting yourself. Golf shoes can help you out because most of them will feature a spike design on the soles, which will greatly increase your performance on the golfing lawn and give you more traction at the same time.

Waterproof Design

Usually, if you are in a rainy climate, or playing during the winter, it can happen that a rain storm will occur, leaving your game a little worse. If it has rained the night before, the golf lawn may not be completely dry, and that’s when waterproof shoes will keep you playing well. Most golf shoes are designed to be waterproof and they guaranteed to reduce having wet feet after being on the course.

Smart Looking

Of course, one of the main benefits in terms of style is how smart golf shoes look. When wearing a pair, you will be following golf clothing etiquette, and when looking good and feeling like a professional, you are likely to play a lot better than you would being dressed in simple jogging pants and casual sports shoes.

Now that we have explained most of the benefits that wearing golf shoes bring, we will now present a new product review on one of the top pairs of golf trainers currently on the market – the FootJoy Pro Golf Trainers.

Footjoy Mens Pro SL Trainers

If you enjoy a game of golf, then you will know how important a good pair of golf shoes are for improving your game. FootJoy has a fantastic pair of trainers, which are perfect for when you’re on the green!


FootJoy specializes in men’s golfing wear and accessories, and therefore provides good quality products that you can guarantee will perform well. Their FootJoy Pro SL Trainers are no exception and are perfect for those individuals who enjoy a more relaxed game of golf and who are looking for ways to increase their game play.

Excellent Traction and Stability

When it comes to playing golf, stability is key if you want to make the best swings possible. With the FootJoy Pro SL Trainers, you are definitely going to play a better game. Thanks to their TPU molded sole, this allows a good amount of traction, and their extra cushioning creates a very stable foot.

100% Waterproof

The FootJoys really are a joy to wear. There is nothing worse than soggy feet after a game of golf, and with the FootJoy Pro SLs, you don’t need to think twice about such an issue! These shoes are durable and are made of 1000% waterproof leather! This means they look not only stylish but also keep your feet protected at the same time!

Extra Comfortable

Comfort is key when playing golf, and if you play for hours on end, you will want a pair of shoes that keep you wanting to play. The FootJoys are lovingly crafted with thick insoles with increased underfoot cushioning, allowing for complete comfort on the golfing lawn.


If you are really looking to improve your golfing game, whether you want to swing better or increase your shoes putting techniques, we highly recommend investing in a good, high quality pair of golf trainers.

The FootJoy Pro SL Trainers are a great option to go for, whether you are a beginner, or even a more advanced player. With their strong and stable grip, they are guaranteed to improve your game in more than one way, leaving you with a positive and happy golfing experience!

Do you think that having shoes which are specifically designed for the game can really benefit you? Let us know! We hope that this article has given you a bit more inspiration to look into investing in a pair, and hope you will be on your way to a better golfing game in no time!

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