Cut Blue Golf Balls Review

Cut Blue Golf Balls Review
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Cut Blue Golf Balls: QUICK OVERVIEW


Value For Money


Customer Feedback

What I/We Like

  • Urethane outer layer
  • Optimal spin
  • 338 dimple pattern
  • Designed for maximum distance
  • Durable
  • Allow for perfect speed
  • 4-piece construction
  • High level performance

What I/We Like

  • Performance was not as expected

When playing golf, the right balls are just as necessary as the right golf clubs and can make a true difference to your entire game. Having bad quality balls will not give you the best of results, and therefore your game will most likely suffer.

Nowadays, you can find golf balls in almost any sport shop, both online and offline. But how do you know if they are good quality? And which type is best suited to your golfing level of experience?

In this article we explore what makes a good golf ball by looking at the different types of construction which exists in the making of a golf ball. We will then look at a product review of the Cut Blue golf balls by Cut Golf, which are a fantastic set of golf balls on the market right now.

What makes a good golf ball?

Quality golf balls definitely help your game. Their overall style, shape and design make it easier to put and really allow you to play at your best. If you are with your clients, then you do not want to embarrass yourself using low quality ones. So what determines a good quality ball?


The overall construction of the ball will make it a better or worse item to play with. This is because it will react to contact with the club. There are quite a few different constructions for golf balls, the most common are the following:

One-Piece Golf Balls

One-piece balls are the most basic, and inexpensive to produce, designed mostly for the beginners out there. They are mostly used as a play ball rather than a more advanced, professional game. The ball is extremely soft and durable at the same time, however due to its low compression, it does not give the distance that a more compressed ball would give.

Two-Piece Golf Balls

A two-piece ball usually features a solid core, mostly composing of resin or high-energy acrylate. It is then often covered by a cut-proof, tough cover which gives it a good amount of distance. The outer shells are usually covered with Surlyn, or any other specialty plastic.

The two-piece may have a lot more distance; however, it might not be as easy to control as a softer ball would be. This type of ball is mostly indestructible and one of the most popular choices with golfers.

Three-Piece Golf Balls

The three-piece ball will have a solid liquid or rubber core, an outer layer of tough enhanced rubber and a durable molded Surlyn, balata or Urethane material on the outer layer. These balls are often softer and give a bit more spin, allowing a golfer to have more control over their ball’s flight.

Four-Piece Golf Balls

Four-piece golf balls go another level up in terms of solidness. They are composed of a solid rubber core which allows a fantastic amount of distance. There are then three other layers which all help increase the drive distance, and at the same time allow a good amount of spin around the golfing green. The outer layer is generally the thinnest and made with Urethane.

The four-piece golf balls are mostly used by more advanced players and professionals. However, they can be used by beginners too.

Now that we have discussed a few different ball types to give you an idea of the differences, we will now bring your attention to a set of strong and durable golf balls by Cut Golf. These are a fantastic bargain for their quality and definitely worthy of investing in!

Cut Blue Golf Balls by Cut Golf

Quality golf balls are crucial to any game of golf, and the right ball can truly make or break the entire game. We take a look at the Blue golf balls by Cut Golf in more detail below.


Billed as "The Best Damn Golf Ball Under 20 Bucks", Cut Blue does not disappoint! Looking for a set of top quality golf balls that will give you a good amount of distance and spin? Then look no further as Cut Golf has the perfect solution for you! Their Cut Blue golf balls are designed with a four-piece construction and are durable to the core.

Maximum Distance

When playing golf, distance is a crucial part of the game. You want to be able to drive a ball over a relatively large amount of space without too much effort. The Cut Blues are perfect for long distance putting, and will definitely surprise you. Their four-piece construction makes them super for this, and will be so easy to control.

Excellent Performance

With a perfect spin and speed amount, these balls offer excellent performance. The Urethane outer layer makes them soft yet durable and gives the driver complete control over the ball’s flight.

Durable Design

If you are looking for a set of golf balls that will last, then these will do just that! The balls are guaranteed to last a long amount of time thanks to their strong construction. You will not need to a buy a new set for a while to come.


If you want to play better golf, then you need to get better golf balls. Using low quality ones will only leave you with a bad experience on the golfing green. That is why it is so important to do a little research before buying and find a good set of golf balls that will help you play better! The Cut Blues by Cut Golf are a great set of golf balls and are very durable.

So there you have it! Some extra advice on the different golf ball types out there as well as some good quality four-piece construction balls. We hope this article has inspired you to find some new golf balls for your next game, and hopefully you will be scoring better in the future.

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