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Are Polara Golf Balls Legal? What Happened to the Self-Improving Golf Balls?

Are Polara Golf Balls Legal? What Happened to the Self-Improving Golf Balls?
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In sports, athletes are always looking for efficient and legal ways to improve their game. As such, more golf players began to wonder, are Polara golf balls legal? In such a condensed industry with an immeasurable competition, it can be difficult to stand out amongst other golf players.

Polara, a company that created some of the most controversial balls on the market, developed a line of golf equipment designed to help improve your game with minimal effort. They provided such a large advantage that questions about the legality of the balls became more prevalent.

What Are Polara Golf Balls?

Nearly everyone has heard of Polara before, especially in terms of their “Self-Correcting Golf Ball”. The main premise behind the balls is that they help to reduce your hooks and slices by up to 75%. By using advanced technology and interesting scientific theories, the balls are designed to be user-friendly yet incredibly useful for novice players.

On each ball, you’ll notice there is an arrow that you would adjust to point towards your target. With a single swing, your ball should hypothetically be propelled exactly where the arrow is pointing. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of the skill out of playing golf, which is what led to the outrage upon their arrival onto the market.

Though the directions state that you should point the arrow towards your target, many have found that simply using the ball in any way will surely improve your game. Even if you were able to achieve a 40-yard cut, it would be reduced to a five-yard cut. As you can tell, even the most inexperienced golfers would be able to accomplish a near-perfect game with straight balls.

How Do Polara Golf Balls Improve Your Performance?

According to the manufacturer, the dimples on the golf balls are what make them so impressive. On the exterior of the ball, there are six rows of regular dimples along the equator. There are also shallow dimples everywhere else, creating an asymmetrical pattern.

The dimple pattern enables the balls to self-correct while in the air, achieving the most optimal spin-axis, which allows them to correct hooks and slices while in the air. It’s a very innovative technology that was patented in 1972.

There are three different types of Polara golf balls that you’ll find online, the XD Extra Distance, Ultimate Straight XS, and the Ultimate Straight.

  • XD Extra Distance: As two-piece golf balls, they are said to reduce your slices by as much as 50% so that you can achieve the furthest possible distance.
  • Ultimate Straight XS: The Ultimate Straight XS balls feature a three-piece design. They are said to reduce your hooks and slices by as much as 75%, and they also provide extra spin-off. This helps to improve your power when you’re hitting on the green.
  • Ultimate Straight: Likely the most popular type of golf ball from Polara, the Ultimate Straight is a two-piece design. They reduce hooks and slices by up to 75% and give you an overall heightened golf game.

Are Polara Golf Balls Legal?

If you’ve ever purchased the golf balls before, you surely know that they aren’t legal, especially as it’s printed directly on the front of the packaging. However, it’s simple to assume that they wouldn’t be allowed in regulation play, especially as they offer an overwhelming number of benefits. Not to mention the manufacturer claims that they are guaranteed to give you the straightest shots in golf.

When they first emerged on the market, there was plenty of drama surrounding their emergence. Not only did people proclaim that they would take away the competitive nature of golf, but they would also provide unfair advantages to less skilled golf players. In fact, they were extensively tested by the USGA prior to being banned from regulation games.

According to the ruling, the USGA stated Polara golf balls would “reduce the skill required to play golf,” and in 1978, Polara sued the USGA for banning their balls from play. The company was awarded $1.4 million just so that they would remove their golf balls from the market, which inevitably led to Polara having to file bankruptcy. Their popularity didn’t begin to surge again until the 2000s when Aero-X Golf bought them out.

Can You Still Purchase Polara Golf Balls?

If you were to visit the company’s website, you'd notice that the domain has been removed from the internet. As such, it’s a little more challenging to find information about the balls and the places where you can find them. Simply because they are banned from professional and competitive play doesn’t mean that you can’t use them casually.

In fact, having access to self-correcting balls can help to shave a lot of time off a regular round of golf with your friends. As you won’t have to worry about making as many corrective swings, you can save up to 40 minutes of your total playing time. In addition, they are an excellent option for first-time golf players who are looking for a good time, rather than honing their skills.

Purchasing Polara Golf Balls through online sources is possible. However, you’re very unlikely to find them in professional golf shops or any other place that you would find golf equipment. As they are banned from competitive play, they are frequently looked down upon by most corporations.

How Do You Choose Legal Golf Balls?

Finding legal golf balls is quite simple, as the majority of designs on the market are allowed for competitive or ranked play. All you have to do is head to your local sporting goods store to find sleeves upon sleeves of different brands that are allowed by the USGA. By paying attention to the surface hardness and overall construction of golf balls, you can easily find the best ones for your playing style.

Final Thoughts

As an idea that would surely change the face of golf, Polara golf balls made a quick emergence onto the market but were quickly taken away. With the numerous amount of benefits that they gave to professional and novice golf players alike, it’s easy to see why they aren’t legal. If you find yourself asking, are Polara golf balls legal, the answer is no, and you’re far better suited opting for legal ones so that you can refine your skills.

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