Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoes Review

Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoes Review
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There are few brands in the world as synonymous with sport and footwear as Adidas. If you are a basketball fan, a hip-hop star or Major League Soccer player, Adidas is probably the go-to shoe in your closet. Adidas are relatively new to the golf market in terms of history. However, when you’re one of the world’s most successful sportswear manufacturers, it doesn’t take long before you are the go-to brand for many of the professional golf stars.


The Adidas Powerband Boa Boost golf shoes are a fantastic all-around performance shoe and are the preferred footwear pro golfer Sergio Garcia. Adidas designed the boost system to provide a combination of grip, comfort and support as well as increased power and stability, and the new Powerband Boost more than delivers in all categories. Not only have Adidas created a high-performance shoe, it also looks cool and brings an element of design to an area of footwear that can often be quite plain.

Made from Adidas proprietary 100% Climaproof stretch microfiber leather, which offers excellent durability and weatherproofing, while maintaining a lightweight and comfortable fit, this is a technical shoe that has been designed using biomechanical testing and hours of research by the Adidas R&D team.

The sole of the shoe is packed full of features and offers excellent support and stability. It uses Adidas boost foam in the heel and the midfoot which ensures maximum energy is returned to the foot through the boost foam beads. It also incorporates a lateral stability section through the midfoot to maximize stability through your swing. The boost foam cushioning continues through the shoe and into the forefoot where adidas have cleverly used a slightly different boost foam to give extra support and cushioning.

They call this “bounce” technology and gives maximum comfort while walking and maximum return energy efficiency from the shoe. Adidas claims that the increased energy return from the boost material almost makes it feel like you are bouncing as you walk. The boost system is finished off with an anatomically designed, boost insole for an added level of comfort and foot support.

Finishing off the super technical sole of this shoe is a molded plastic sole with a flexible mid channel, to give a balance of grip and flex. Unlike many manufacturers, Adidas use a six EXP spike layout, which is strategically placed to provide maximum grip and stability when connected to the floor.

The Adidas Powerband Boa Boost Golf Shoes feature the new I6 BOA closure system which gives an even, and firm pressure distribution across the forefoot and tongue of the shoe. The rotating BOA dial will enable you to tighten and loosen the shoe with customizable micro adjustments allowing the perfect fit. The saddle of the shoe uses the Powercage Softwire System, giving additional support and lateral stability. While this is a lot of technology packed into a shoe, we would say that the only slight negative on reviewing these shoes is the overall chunky size. However as the go-to shoe for many professional golfers, this is just a comment on aesthetics rather than performance.


  • Climaproof microfiber leather uppers
  • Boost cushioning sole for comfort and energy
  • I6 BOA closure system
  • Power cage saddle construction
  • Technical construction powered by extensive biomechanical research
  • Excellent grip and stability


  • No waterproof liner
  • A bit chunky in size

Who are these shoes for?

The Adidas Powerband Boa Boost Golf Shoe is a professional level, technical golf shoe that provides a performance and comfort fit. While not the most expensive shoes on the market they do require some investment, so these shoes would suit a serious amateur or pro golfer who needs a high level of performance on a regular basis.

When spending many hours on the golf course, it is essential to have a shoe that performs, but most importantly is comfortable for your feet. The Adidas Powerband Boa Boost are the kind of shoes you could wear every day in both practice and competition. These shoes are a modern design so may not suit the more traditional golfer.

What’s included?

As you would expect from Adidas, there is a vast range of sizes and ten color variations to suit anyone. They are available in both women’s and men’s sizes from a 7 through to 15, with wide-fitting shoes available across the mid-range popular sizes.

Alternative Products

The ECCO Men’s Cage Golf Shoe is a worthy contender if you are looking for an alternative shoe. They are made with 100% leather uppers, and treated with ECCO Hydromax to give fantastic weather resistance, while remaining breathable for daily use.

ECCO produce and manufacture all of the leather that is used in their shoes, and they pride themselves in taking measures to protect the environment while producing a product that is for performance yet comfortable. They utilize an APU stabilizer directly injected into the sole which gives maximum support to the heel and foot during the swing. These shoes have an eight-spiked outsole for additional grip and performance. All around, this is a modern-looking comfortable shoe that will perform well in all conditions.


The Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoes are quality technical golf shoes from the world’s leading sportswear brand. As you would expect from such a reputable brand, these shoes are packed full of technology and design features to create a perfect fit. The Adidas boost system is proven to provide a super comfortable shoe, that seems to help with fatigue when you are wearing them throughout the day.

Adidas have applied all of their R&D knowledge to construct a shoe from results of biomechanical testing. This ensures that your foot is supported as well as comfortable. One of the most critical parts of your golf swing is how your feet are positioned on the ground, and these shoes will certainly help keep you balanced and stable across a multitude of terrains, to ensure the best chance of getting the best shot.

Adopted by professional golfer Sergio Garcia and a host of other pro tour golfers, you can be sure that if the pros trust this shoe, then it will perform just as well for you.


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